Traveling with a dog Tapeworm Requirments

Tapeworm Treatment for Finland, Malta, Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK 

If you plan to travel to Finland, Malta, Ireland, Northern Ireland or the UK, your pup will be required to be treated for tapeworms by any US or EU vet 1-5 days prior to arrival in any one of these countries. The test is a simple procedure, and, other than the countries listed above, you can get the tapeworm test done in any country within Europe.

Check out the link below to get information on any potential vaccines or treatments that are required for your pet to travel. As always, consult with your vet to be informed of the potential side effects related to the treatments and vaccines needed for travel.

It is your responsibly to make sure that your pet meets the import requirements of each country you visit. After you complete all the necessary requirements needed for travel, you will be pleased at how accommodating, pet friendly, and genuinely kind people are and how well they treat your fur baby. Enjoy your trip and soak up the moments!

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