Our Story

“I have always loved animals - especially dogs"

As a little girl I was obsessed with The Wizard of Oz. This was my first introduction to Terriers. I immediately fell in love with Yorkies and always knew one day I would have one. Now I have two beautiful girls! Both remind  me of  the  Cairn Terrier that Toto was. With my Yorkie girls, I was ready to start a life-long adventure and follow the Yellow Brick Road.

About Amy & Emily


Sweet, loving, and intuitive soul.

Amy is 11 years young and was born on July 3, 2009. It was love at first sight when I first saw her. She was only 4 months old and from the first moment I held her in my arms, I felt the pure love and happiness that she gives each day. It was at that moment I knew Amy and I would be bonded together forever! She has the sweetest temperament and she will show her unconditional love anytime she can with a kiss. Amy grew up in Irvine, California in a beautiful home with a backyard full of grass.

She loves people and has an unending passion for food! In fact, she loves all kinds of food and isn’t fussy at all. While she will eat most anything, her fav would be a home cooked, unseasoned, well-done steak.

It was early on when Amy learned to play ball. Within minutes of being in her new home she was obsessed with playing catch and still is today. Amy also learned early on how to rest and be relaxed in a dog purse. Our shared bond had me take her everywhere with me. I would take her to Pilates classes, massages, yoga class and on virtually all my errands. Pilates was where she really learned to stay relaxed in her bag. Fortunately, I was taking private sessions and my instructor Savannah was a great help keeping her relaxed.


Loving, curious and a little bit more of a diva than Amy is.

Emily is 4 years old now and was born September 1, 2016. She captured my heart right from the moment I saw her. I was living in NYC and thought Amy needed a companion since she had separation anxiety when I went to work.

Having two dogs is more work when it comes to a traveling lifestyle. Especially when it comes to clearing security at the airports. We have no complaints though; Emily was the perfect addition to the pack.

Emily is a free spirit with a real zest for life. She loves to torment Amy by playing games with her treats. Emily does not start her day without making sure Amy is awake and ready to play. She always wakes Amy up by licking her ears and then when Amy is awake, the two of them start the day off with a bit of wrestling and play fighting. She loves being outdoors, and if she could, she would be at the dog beach everyday.

Emily idolizes her big sister. Everything Amy does, Emily is sure to follow. She follows in her big sister’s paw prints and picks everything up super quickly. Being close to Amy is what she loves best so traveling in the dog bag is not a problem for Emily. She loves to snuggle and nestle in tight to whomever she is with. In fact, if she is not on your lap during a trip you will most certainly find her in the bag.


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