Traveling with a Dog and Navigating Europe

Traveling With A Dog To Europe

We have all been waiting for the green light to board that flight to Europe. It is time for people to get together to celebrate the joys of being alive, and all the beauty our wonderful planet holds. For some, flying to international destinations means being able to see the family they have not seen in years while others go to experience a new culture and to see how others live.  Our yorkies are daydreaming of when they will have a nibble of some delicious Italian prosciutto, a taste of brie cheese in France or even a bite of some juicy German schnitzel.

Until then, its time to gather your dog’s records and make sure their rabies vaccines are up to date so they can be jet setting along side you. Before booking any flights or hotels its especially important that you visit the APHIS USDA website to see the requirements for your destination. More information on this in the “6 Key Steps” listed below.

*Note – if you plan on traveling internationally with your dog the first thing you need for almost every country is a microchip and a valid rabies shot (most countries require rabies shots be done more than 21 days prior to travel)

Traveling with A Dog in The Schengen Region

These links have important information about traveling in the Schengen region, the agreement, background, visas and more!

If you fly into any European country within the Schengen region (which is comprised of 26 countries), you will be able to travel in and out of those countries without needing a visa, or for the purpose of this article, a new pet travel health certificate. It is important to note that some countries you would expect to be part of the Schengen Agreement are not. For example, Croatia is not. However, we have taken Amy and Emily to Croatia a few times and it is quite easy to enter with your pet travel health certificate or pet passport.

Your EU health certificate is valid for travel within the EU for up to 4 months from the date it is issued by any of the USDA accredited veterinarian if the rabies vaccine documented does not expire during the time of travel. This is great news for people wanting to visit more than one country in Europe.

Ciao!! Summertime living in a villa by the Mediterranean Sea is near!!!

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