Solo Travel Tips for Traveling with a Dog

Solo Travel Tips for Traveling With A Dog

As much as we love traveling with the companionship of a loved one (especially my husband), family or friends, every once in a while it’s nice to have a solo dog mom bonding trip with Amy and Emily.

In support of International Woman’s Day, here are some common sense tips for when you leave your hotel or resort alone with your pup.

Before you venture out.

– Tell someone you know and trust when you will be venturing out of the resort on your own.

– Let them know where you will be going, what you intend to do and when you plan to return to the resort.

– Find out from the resort which are the best and safest modes of transportation? Which cabs do they recommend? How much should it cost to your destination and return to the hotel?

Try not to draw attention to yourself.

– be conscious of the local customs when it comes to what you wear. Not all places are in favor of scantily clad clothing while you shop the local shops. When visiting a beach destination, cover ups are always a good addition to disguise your bathing suit.

–  When walking your adorable dog , people may stop and want to talk to you. We love meeting new people and Amy and Emily love to make new friends. People are always asking us questions about the best way to Travel With A Dog on vacation. This ultimately leads to further questions. Be weary of what you tell them and do not get distracted by the conversation. Bad people often work in pairs. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Watch your drinks.

– What’s a vacation without a cocktail. If you plan to indulge, if at all possible, try to sit at the bar or as close to the bar as you can so you can watch the drink being poured and served directly to you.

– Do not drink too much.  Yes, you’re on vacation but moderation is the key with drinks and traveling alone, especially when you are away from your hotel.  Remember you aren’t just responsible for yourself,  but you also have your precious dog to take care of.

Watch your belongings, cash and important information.

– Leave your jewelry in the room safe. Walking around a city or town on your own with your jewelry and your cute pup can make you an easy mark for unsavory people. If you have jewelry that can’t be removed or is difficult to remove try and find a way to cover it up. Avoid flashy.

– Do not wander too far from your personal belongs.

– Do not carry too much cash. Only bring a necessary amount of money with you for tipping, etc. Leave the rest in your room.

– Leave your passport in the room if at all possible. Take a picture of your passport information in case you need it.

– Use credit cards as much as possible. Credit card companies are always on the look out for fraud. Also a good idea to take pictures of the front and back of your credit cards. If they go missing or they get stolen, you will have the contact information and credit card number for the credit card company.

Do not let anyone know you’re traveling alone.

– This is very important!  A lot of organized crime involves people working together.  If anyone asks where you are staying or where your friends are, you can make up a story like they are working in the room today, or you are on the way to meet them.

Bring a dog carrier.

– This will help to avoid drawing too much attention by having your dog in a carrier. Walking around with a cute tiny dog could make you a mark, when your dog is safe and secure in a carrier people are less likely to see them.

Stick to daytime activities. 

– It is general rule of thumb that not much good happens after 10pm. Don’t stay out at night alone. During the day you have better visibility and it is generally safer.  Have a spa night in your room after dark while your pup catches up on some much needed rest from your busy day.

– Stick to the main streets and avoid and alley ways. With a little care and common sense you will be safe and able to enjoy a relaxing time while being solo Traveling With A Dog.

Never tell anyone where you’re staying.

-Be vague, and never tell anyone where you’re staying.  It’s nobody’s business, and especially not a stranger.

-Be careful about your social media posts, and posting in real time. If your in an area where you are far from home, and don’t know anyone please be careful. Try to post your stories after you have left that location to prevent someone taking advantage of your vulnerability.

Listen to your intuition, if something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t.


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