Preparing For Your Trip With Your Dog

Days before a trip are always some of the busiest and most exciting days when it
comes to travel. Just thinking about travel can elevate your mood. The anticipation of
the flight, where you are staying and all the wonderful things you will be doing. Some
people get overwhelmed with all the packing and preparation that must be done, but if
you approach it in a relaxed manner the process can be enjoyed even more.
The best way to approach all the preparations and planning that needs to take place
when Traveling With A Dog is by taking a deep breath, visualize the environment you
will be in and then realize you got this!

Here’s a summary of how we plan for our upcoming trips

List of Recommend Tips from the Traveling Divas

Tip #1

Check the weather of your destination so you can pack accordingly. Make sure to check the highs and lows so your babies have the proper clothing and outerwear. If it is a warmer destination, sweaters are still a good idea to have on the plane as the cabin temperature is usually cooler.

Tip #2

Pack food, treats, and collapsible water and food bowls. We like to keep the food in the original food bag if it is a smaller bag. This would come in handy if you were going through customs and the agent wants to know what kind of food you are importing. You can pull out the actual bag and show them. Looking prepared and being forthcoming by showing the exact food to the customs agent goes a long way. This part of the process has never been an issue for us.

Tip #3

Pack potty pads, and extra rolls of poop bags. Even if your dog doesn’t usually need or use potty pads, traveling with a few extra in your dog travel bag may come in handy if you’re on a fight and your dog has a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. You can take them to the bathroom, put down a pad and let them do their business. Easy clean up. Easy disposal. Off you go.

Tip #4

Make sure you have their health certificate or pet passport and rabies
certificates. Keep extra copies of the certificates for custom agents. When
traveling domestically a lot of airlines are now requiring the rabies certificates prior to travel. Take a picture of the documents and keep them in your phone. This will come in handy one day. I promise!!

Tip #5

Call the airline 24 hours ahead of time to make sure that your pet is listed on the reservation. It never hurts to reconfirm with the airline that your pet is on the record. There are times when the gate agents do not see them on the
reservation and need to find it in the system.

Tip #6

If your pet has issues with anxiety when traveling there are natural therapies
such as homeopathic options, natural supplements, CBD oils or supplements,
anti-anxiety clothes, or aroma therapy. If none of those seem to work and you must travel with your dog consult with your veterinarian.

Tip  #7

Be relaxed, happy and grateful that you are traveling with your best friend! Make sure your pet stays hydrated and happy and take lots of photos!


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