Choosing A Stroller for You and Your Pet

Needs Vs. Wants – Why Do I Need a Stroller for My Dog?

We have two Yorkies, so this post is going to have a dog focus. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the stroller for your furry cat.

Why does a dog NEED a stroller? In short, they don’t. They should be walking and moving. That’s healthy for them, right?

Well, recently our minds have changed having a senior dog with limited vision, and carrying 18  pounds with 2 dogs on my shoulder has made things more challenging. We travel extensively and decided to try one on our last trip. The ibiyaya Speedy Fold Pet Buggy is a functional add-on and provides a level of convenience that won us over almost immediately.

What You WANT In a Stroller

–          Make sure the stroller you choose fits your dog comfortably. This will become a safe space for them as you take them along with you to new places.

–          Make sure it’s functional – cup holder, basket for storage, canopy (with mesh) for cover, vinyl pad in the basket that can be washed and used for comfort.

–          Make sure it’s portable – easily collapses, compact and lightweight.

–          Make sure it maneuvers easily.

Why Choose an Ibiyaya Pet Stroller?

We found Ibiyaya Pet Strollers to be a good fit for our travels. The smooth riding wheels and easily collapsible trigger makes including them in our plans a good choice. Whether your needs are for casual use or being active outdoors, they have different types of strollers to meet your every need. The color choices and styles are well suited for everyone.

Be sure to try an Ibiyaya Pet Stroller on your next trip.

Click the link below to find the right stroller for you


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