Traveling with a Dog – 8 Great Tips

  1. Careful What You Eat! - Avoid changing your dog’s food or giving them anything unusual that may upset their stomach the day before.  The last thing you want is your fur baby to have an upset stomach on a flight.
  1.  Put Your Best Paw Forward! - Get your dog groomed or give them a bath before a trip. Being courteous and considerate by bringing a clean, groomed dog when traveling makes others more receptive to being in close quarters to your loved one. Remember, not everyone is a dog lover. 
  1. Puppy Products - Pack dog shampoo, hairbrush, or a freshening spritz to keep them fresh and clean.
  1. Pet Wipes! Pet Wipes! Pet Wipes! - These will come in handy if your dog’s paws need to be wiped after walking in dirt, mud, rain, or snow. It also makes for a quick fix of those unwanted messes on the fur. 
  1. Pack Pee Pads! - Always a great idea to pack some pee pads as an extra precaution for longer flights or for the hotel room, or if you know your dog can’t hold off on doing their business for an extended period of time. 
  1. Gather Your Rabies and Travel Docs - Pack all your travel and rabies certificates in a safe, secure, and easily accessible place. Make extra copies for airlines and custom agents. Keeping pictures of these documents in your phone is also a good idea. 
  1. Connecting Flight? - Identify pet relief areas ahead of time. Go online and look up where the nearest pet relief area is so you know ahead of time when you land. This is helpful in making sure you are not scrambling to find a place to go during tight connections.
  1. Get To The Airport Early - If you’re traveling an airline you have never flown before it’s a good idea to get to the airport early enough to make sure your furry friend is on the reservation. This is especially important when traveling home. While you may be flying the same airline home, many check-in agents at the airport process pets differently. Remember, when traveling in a foreign country, airlines do not have the same DOT and ADA laws as the USA when it comes to flying with your dog. Getting to the airport early will help reduce surprises and lower your stress level. 


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