Amy and Emily, Traveling Divas

Amy and Emily are known as the Traveling Divas. The 3 of us have traveled to over 35 countries on 3 different continents. Their love of travel gives them the opportunity to experience new cultures, new smells and the tastes of different foods. Mostly the food!

The girls have experienced life that others only dream of. Whether its flying first class, sailing the Mediterranean Sea, island hopping in the Caribbean, exploring castles in old Europe, walking the vineyards of Italy, fine dinning in Michelin restaurant5 in France or Hiking near the volcano bowls of Mount Etna in Sicily to climbing mountains in Canada, they have a passion for living life to the fullest.

When they aren't jet-5etting to dog friendly destinations, they are very happy to be home-bodies living their best life catching up on their sleep and dreaming of fresh prosciutto, flne wines and the sweet smells of the Tuscan Valley from their gorgeous home in sunny San Diego.

Whenever or wherever I travel with the girls I always get questions and comments about how to travel with them, Questions like - “How do they like...?” “What happens when you...?”    “How    did    you...?” “Where did you get...?” or comments like “wow! They are so quiet!” “I didn’t even know they were in the bag!”. My all time favorite though has to be when people see them in the bag and say, “Are they real??”

Sharing their experiences with you has been the inspiration behind helping other dogs explore the world in an efficient, safe, and easy way. We hope you enjoy our site!


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