Doggy Jet Lag – 6 Tips to help

If you have ever suffered from jet lag you know how much it can disrupt your routine and keep you out of sorts. Dogs suffer from doggie jet lag too. Dogs have a good sense of time and while they don’t know the difference between hours and minutes, they do know when it’s time to eat, when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to play. All of these routines can be thrown off by jet lag – especially when flying east. Although your pup may sleep when you sleep, like us, their routines are based on circadian rhythm.

Here are 6 things you can do to help your dog deal with jet lag:

Mind, Body and Soul

1.      Energy

– Try not to wear them down the day before you leave for your trip. Like us, they will feel better if they have good energy levels going into the trip.


2.      Rest

– Depending on the age of your pup, you may want to keep your experiences slower and shorter for the first day or so after you arrive. If possible, leave them in the room when you go out to dinner. Some quiet time is never a bad thing.


3.      Hydrate

– Make sure they have plenty of fresh water. This will help with tight muscles, fatigue, constipation and help build up their energy levels.


4.      Consistent Diet

– As tempting as it is to give them a little taste of the local cuisine, be careful, this may upset their stomach. Food is for nourishment. Try packing some of their food from home. The familiar tastes will help with their adjustment.


5.      Peaceful environment

– Keep the room temperature a little on the cooler side for them. This will help them sleep better. Nobody likes being too hot when they sleep. Try to avoid too much stimulus. Keep the room dark and quiet.


6.      Explore

– Make sure you let them sniff the surrounding areas. This will help them get acquainted with where they are staying and help them feel more comfortable.

Most of all, listen to their needs. Your babies are trusting you to keep them safe, and happy. If you pay attention, your dogs will let you know what they need.

*Remember to have fun, relax and be stress free. Time is short. Enjoy your time with your dogs and remember, they are your best friend, and they respond to your energy no matter the situation you are faced with. Go with the flow. It’s a blessing to be Traveling With A Dog.




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